The Ajit Pai and the FCC have recently repealed net neutrality via a 3-2 vote. This is on the heels of much debate and those aware being against the decision. While you may not be from American this can decision can be overreaching and we’ll simply have to wait to see.

Net neutrality was put in place to stop ISPs from throttling or accelerating companies at their disclosure. Doing so would enable them to block or charge more for unrestricted access to websites and profit through “entertainment bundles” much like you see with modern television.

This repeal is viewed as an infringement to the free market capabilities of the internet and small business owners especially are against it. The chief worry is those small business owners may not be able to afford to be accessible in a post-repeal future. Whether that’s the case or not is another hotly debated topic.

The common belief is that net neutrality is the only thing stopping a few mega-corporations from owning all media online. This can be seen in many instances where deregulation has lead to major buyouts and acquisitions leading to 3-4 individuals determining what the masses can and cannot see.

The glaring example of this is Ruper Murdoch who founded News Corp, a company that’s come to own the New York Post, News Corp Australia, News UK, Dow Jones & Company as well as a list far too long to list here.

Despite the FCC’s decision a web presence is still absolutely necessary, especially for small businesses. The ability for consumers to access information on your product 24/7 is priceless. Owning a website is standard and it’s reached a point where consumers don’t trust businesses without them.

If you’re a budding web designer, fear not. Your industry isn’t in any danger. In fact, if the major companies aren’t out to get us like many believe, it may even grow. While some believe the sky is falling, the clouds may just be separating to show a brighter day.

There are many who’s political beliefs fall to one simple concept – deregulate everything. These individuals believe the repeal is a good thing. The theory is that ISPs are now able to innovate as they wish without being halted by bureaucracy.

The theory is that if Google wants to move into an area to install Google fibre and the area already has an ISP provider a system with no regulation means there’s nothing stopping the giant from creating competition. This has potential to be amazing.

Another positive theory is that deregulation empowers companies to innovate and try new technologies. Normally innovation takes years of red tape and attempted negotiations with competitors and local governments.

This gives people hope and although it’s a longshot it means more people will have access to the internet. This increase in people with internet means more people will wants websites to market to those consumers and that’s where you fit into the equation.

As a web designer it’ll be your job to make beautiful experiences for people online. While people may fear that future may not exist it does mean those fears will be realized. There’s absolutely no reason for you to lose motivation in your pursuits.

If you’re a small business owner there’s also no reason to fear. The future isn’t set, counters to the repeal and possible and there’s no guarantee there will be negative actions taken against you and other business owners.

If you want a professionally done website companies like Think Bound are more than capable of fitting the bill and will do so at a great price. There’s a difference between a passable site and a professional site and they understand that well.

If you’re an American and this is horrible news to you there always the option of speaking to your government representative. Call, send emails, picket. It’s up to you. People are passionate about the things they love and some people love the internet as is.

If you aren’t American and your country has anything like net neutrality, enjoy it while it last.