Alesis is one of the manufacturers of innovative drumkits on the market. The brand boasts of an extensive array of drum kits and other electronic equipment to make your musical journey flawless. This is going to be a brief overview of Alesis’ drum-related product. If, by contrast, you’re looking for an evaluation of a specific drum kit of theirs, read this review of the Alesis Nitro over at Kickstart Your Drumming. Here is what to expect when you buy an Alesis drum kit.

A Wide Range of Choice

Alesis manufactures high-quality drum sets for different levels of mastery. You can choose a starter drum kit if you are an amateur or opt for an advanced kit if you are an established drummer. Either way, you get to choose from a wide variety of kits in different sizes, at different prices. Regardless of your budget, you can still get a suitable kit.

Realistic Sound

One of the biggest pain that you can ever experience as a drummer is poor sound quality. If you have heard your colleagues or friends complaining about the sound “not being real”, they mean it is of poor quality.

This isn’t the case with Alesis drum kits. Even the kits that are priced lowly don’t sacrifice pure sound for the price. This is what makes many customers opt for these drum sets.

PC Connection

Not all drum kits can allow you to sync with the computer. All the kits in this range give you the ability to connect to a computer. This means you get the same midi recording functionality for each kit like what you get with other advanced sets.

Complete is a Misnomer

Each electronic drumkit comes complete, you get what you need to start or advance your drumming career. So, what do you get when you purchase a drumkit from Alesis?

    • A complete 5-piece electronic drum set with drumsticks and a drum pedal included.
    • More than 100 sounds, including percussion, cymbal and drums.
    • The drum sets are programmable.
    • A snare pad for rimshot capability and rim click.
    • USB-MIDI output allows you to use the kit with drum-module software.

Each drum kit comes ready to play. What you need more is something to sit on, headphones and a USB cable for downloading any extra modules that you need.

Ideal for Live Gigs

If you play at live gigs, whether the church or a concert stage, you can depend on an Alesis product to give you what you want. If you are in an environment where you are supposed to play quietly, you can do so effortlessly. If you are on a large stage, you can also play without the need for mics, which means the kit comes with minimum feedback and no bleed from the other instruments.

Another aspect that makes the Alesis models ideal for live gigs is their portability. No matter whether you are on the road to a concert or practising within your apartment, you cannot beat the compact nature of the Alesis models. Even the biggest kit fits easily into a case or two. The kits weigh less and need less space in your van. At home, when you are done practising, you can fold down the kit and store it in a corner or in the closet without taking up much space.

Freedom of Practice

These kits come with practice songs so you can play along to real music. The kits come with auxiliary inputs so that you can plug in your iPod to practice your favourite tunes.

In Closing

One of the hardest tasks you have to handle as a drummer is getting the right drumkit to kickstart your career. However, with the Alesis models, you have a wide variety of kits to choose from depending on your needs and budget.