Dust, pet hair, and other objects littered on the floor can complicate a simple cleaning task, and keeping the polish and sheen on a hardwood floor may be just as challenging, especially if you aren’t using the recommended tools to eliminate dust. When you’ve got a good vacuum at your disposal, cleaning your hardwood floor until it’s spotlessly clean and shiny becomes a very easy task.

Since time immemorial, many floors have been covered with hardwood and it never seems to go out of fashion. Hardwood flooring can make your home more contemporary, as well as outstanding and classy. However, many people use the wrong vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors, which decreases their durability and elegance. So, read on to know how to pick the perfect vacuum for your hardwood floors.

The flooring requirements of hardwood floors differ based on how the floor is used. If you’ve got a pet, you know that pets mess up the floor and it may be difficult to get rid of the mess. Pet hair normally sticks to anything, so you should pick a vacuum that’s specialized for the job.

Also, you should consider the amount of noise you can take when cleaning. Usually, louder vacuum cleaners tend to be cheaper ones. However, if you don’t want the noise, choose a vacuum that’s been insulated.

You should also consider your personal preferences before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. For example, if you suffer from allergies, it’d be best to consider a vacuum cleaner with the right filtration system.

You should also take into account your kind of hardwood as it’ll have an effect on the required cleaning. Some hardwood floors have coated wood, some have delicate wood, and others have lines and deep indentations in the wood. Other floors have a mix of the three qualities, so make sure to choose a vacuum that meets most of your needs.

Qualities of the perfect hardwood floor vacuum

The best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors will have the following qualities:

The vacuum cleaner should not have roller bristles because hardwood usually doesn’t have debris that needs clearing, unlike carpet. The bristles will only increase the chances of scratching. If you need a general purpose cleaner, it should feature an off switch to prevent the rolling brush from spinning.

The vacuum cleaner’s wheels should be made from rubber, instead of plastic. The vacuum’s base should also have additional padding made of felt or rubber to shield the floor while you move the equipment around.

The ideal hardwood floor vacuum should be light and small. A small, lightweight vacuum moves easily on the floor, making vacuum cleaning that much easier.

A quality vacuum should have good suction that ensures that no particles or dust is left after vacuuming. When you just need light vacuum cleaning, you can choose to have suction control to decrease the suction power. A backpack vacuum is a perfect example as it has powerful suction and is lightweight.

The vacuum should have a setting for bare floors, which lets you decrease the power head. Decreasing the vacuum’s power head takes the suction power closer to the hardwood floor for better cleaning.

An edge cleaner is a vital feature. Vacuum cleaners with this feature have power heads that can collect dirt all over the surface. An edge cleaner allows the vacuum to suck the dirt out of the edges of the room where the wall meets the floor.

Whichever vacuum cleaner you pick, follow these guidelines to keep your hardwood floor looking great.

Put a doormat outside entries to stop people tracking grit and dirt indoors. You can also enforce a no-shoes policy to preserve floors even more.

Use felt or plastic protectors under the legs of furniture to prevent scratches. While rearranging your furniture, always raise pieces rather than slide them.

In the kitchen, put a mat before the range and sink to prevent bare spots on the floor.

Never clean your hardwood floors with a steam mop. Vapors can be pushed into crevices and cracks, causing hazing and cupping of the finish.

Installing hardwood flooring is a huge investment, so taking good care of your floors is very important. Regular care will ensure that your hardwood floors last for a long, long time. Getting the best vacuum for your hardwood floors is the first step to keeping your floors looking their best.