Instagram has changed, and it is now more challenging to get the right number of followers than ever before. The fact that you are getting more likes doesn’t mean that you get more followers.

The game on this platform has changed, and if you want to get more followers for your account, you need to use a different approach and a fresh strategy.

Let us look at the tips to help you conquer the algorithm and enjoy a higher following this year.

Have a Complete Profile

If you wish to attract more followers to your profile this year, you need to understand that first impressions matter. You can only make an impression with your bio. The bio is the first contact the audience has with you.

So, make sure you have a complete profile that can tell the audience what you do in the fewest words possible. Have a style that the audience will love because this is the only way the user will click the “follow” button.

Let the profile be organized. Have you ever seen the profiles that have pictures thrown all over the place? You will notice that these profiles have a few followers, mainly family members, and a few friends.

What you need to do is to have a consistent brand throughout all the content that you create. This can turn your visitors into devoted, engaged followers.

Hack Instagram Stories

This year is proving to be huge for Instagram Stories. Since you need to capture the attention of users and maintain the audience, Stories are the best way to do this.

Instagram Stories have been made special and can appear on the explore page, which means that users that aren’t your followers can still find and check out your stories. If these users like what they see, they follow you.

One of the ways to make your story to appear in the public domain is to add a hashtag and a location to the story. Make sure you use the right hashtag to make your story appear in the public feed.

Use the Right Hashtags

Whatever you do, regardless of the niche that you trade in, you can’t evade the use of hashtags in your engagement. Make sure you use hashtags the right way and don’t overuse them because you become spammy.

Think of the hashtags as product categories. You need to have the right hashtags for each post so that users can find the content. Make sure you choose each hashtag with a purpose. Avoid general hashtags that put you in the bigger crowd, and go for those tags that are focused.

Using the right hashtags means your content can get discovered. When your content is discoverable, it gets seen by many people, which means you increase the likelihood of getting followers.

Promote Your Instagram Profile off Instagram

Many users think that they can only promote their profile on the platform. One way to get more followers is to share the link off the platform. Spend time promoting the Instagram account on other social media platforms, your blog, forums, email accounts, podcast interviews, guest posts and other areas.

Doing this means when other people see or hear about you on other platforms, they come looking for you on Instagram before they go ahead to Google you. Income Artist gives you a chance to check out this and other hacks in detail so that you can choose which hacks to use.

Final Words

When it comes to finding more followers, you must have a fresh strategy for this year. With the algorithm changing time and again, you are looking for a way to get more followers without putting in a lot of efforts.