Why You Need a Professional Wedding Photographer

It’s the big day, you’re getting married and it’s all so beautiful. You’re surrounded by people who love you, your closest friends and family. Everyone is getting along, everything is going great, and your special night is perfect. But when the next day rolls around, what do you have left to remember it by? Wedding photos are one of the most important parts of a great wedding because they are what you look back on when you want to remember how wonderful everything was that day. But you can’t just pay some shmuck with a camera to photograph the event, it’s important to hire a professional wedding photographer who will be able to really capture the magic of each moment.

Differences Between a Professional Wedding Photographer and a Friend With a Camera

Wedding Photographers can be rather expensive, so many people wonder why they can’t just let their friend who took photography classes in community college take over. Although you pay a premium for a professional photographer, there’s a reason why so many people still believe it’s worth it.

    1. Expertise

      A Professional photographer knows how to make things happen quickly and effectively. They know what it takes to get a great photo. When a friend tries to gather everyone for a group photo, it’s like herding cats, but a professional isn’t afraid to do what it takes to make the process quick and painless for everyone.

    1. Quality Venues

      These pros know how to deal with different lightings, angles, and venues. You can rent out a boat, head to the mountains, or even get married on a plane. No matter where you are, a professional will know how to get the perfect photos for your Wedding Album. Check out yesterday spaces for a great example of an amazing venue for a wedding and the high-quality photos you can expect from a professional.

    1. High-Quality Equipment

      Professional Wedding Photographers carry around equipment that runs upwards of thousands of dollars. This provides higher quality photos, better adjustments to different lightings, and most importantly, a backup camera. A friend would likely just bring one camera. If that camera ends up taking a hard fall right before you say your vows, you’ve just lost your chance of having wedding photos.

    1. Professional Demeanor

      A Professional photographer is just that, a professional. This means that, where a friend might be grabbing a few drinks and getting distracted by conversations, a wedding photographer is focused and ready to capture any wonderful moments that occur.

    1. They Know the Flow

      Wedding photographers attend hundreds of weddings. They probably have a better understanding of the process than anyone else involved. This is good for you because it means that they already know where to be for what special moments. With a professional, when something big is going on, you’ll never have to be looking over your shoulder to make sure they’re there to catch it.

How Can a Wedding Photographer Improve Your Experience?

    • No Worries

      You never have to make sure they’re not distracted. You won’t have to keep them away from the liquor. You don’t even have to worry if the lighting in the venue is bad, they’ll know how to deal with it. They simply give you less to worry about.

    • No Bossing Anyone Around

      They’re there when you need them. They already know what photos to take. If they know the plan for the day, you can be sure that they’ll be around for all the important picture moments.

    • Photos of all the big moments, without having to plan it

      These pros already know when they need to be ready for important pictures. You’ll never have to gather everyone around and wait for a lens cap to come off, they’re ready to capture these moments as they happen, and it’ll turn out even better than if it was planned.

As you plan your wedding, remember to book a quality professional photographer so that you’ll have quality photos of every magical moment on your special day. Years from now, as you reminisce over your album of wonderful wedding photos, you’ll be very glad that you hired a professional.

Perfect Tips On How To Keep Your Possessions Safe

Perfect Tips On How To Keep Your Possessions Safe

Security of the assets or stock is among the major threats to a business survival no matter whether one deals with physical or digital products. Malicious people are always on the lookout and are always ready to punch when they note a weakness. When they attack, they may either steal your goods or destroy them and in the process renders them useless. Protecting your property and possessions should be your primary objective for business continuity. You cannot afford to be negligent with your business that has cost you thousands or millions. The following are the perfect tips to keep your possessions safe.

Take an insurance cover

There are some things that you cannot have control over such break ins, earthquakes, accidental fires, and floods. Many business owners have suffered losses and forced to close shops when such misfortunes occur. You can take a cover to keep you afloat even when such accidents occur. However, you must prove that the loss was not as a result of negligence. You should not leave your doors open just because you have insured your possessions against theft. Remember to give truthful information and declare the value of your possessions when you are taking the cover.

Have special handling equipment

Some goods are prone to damage when handled with the wrong equipment. Some professions like medical fields and food sectors need special handling. You should invest in the right equipment such as freezers when you are transporting supplies such as blood. The people you hire should also be trained to handle such products to avoid damage out of negligence. There are times you will be required to have special authorization to handle certain products. Also, ensure that you observe industry’s best practices as well as the laws of the land.

Hire security personnel

Your business premise requires trained security personnel irrespective of its size. Sometimes it can be hard differentiating between an employee and a customer in an organization with traffic levels and many employees. A security personnel will ensure that only authorized people to enter the designated areas within the business premise. It is also easy to control stealing of goods from untrustworthy staff. Not everyone who comes to your premise has good intentions, and the security personnel has to ensure he or she admits the right people. Enlighten your employees on why they should corporate with the security people at the point of entry.

Rent a safe

There are times that your stock cannot fit your business premise. You may be having a small warehouse or bought big stock to enjoy massive discounts from your suppliers. The only wise thing is to search for a space to rent and keep the extra stuff. The ideal space should be easily accessible and secure. You should bookmark this if you are looking for a convenient self-storage space that guarantees the security of your stuff. You should be able to access your possessions at any time of the day without any restrictions and enjoy the best customer service.

Signs You Have the Right Business Consultant

Signs You Have the Right Business Consultant

Signs that you have the right expert to help develop your business can be a huge challenge, but once you land the right person, you get to enjoy numerous benefits in your business. Not only will hiring the right person help streamline your business processes but it will also give you access to better information and technology.

There are a wide variety of criteria that people use to select the right business consultant for their businesses, ranging from choosing the person a colleague has recommended to getting the first one that they come across. However, many end up regretting the rush decision later on. Here are a few signs that show you that you have hired the best consultant for your business.

They Understand Your Goals

One of the main signs that you have the right consultant is that he understands the objectives of your company. After just a short time with you, the consultant will know your short, medium and long-term aims of the business. Such a consultant will assure you that you will get the right recommendations from the right person.

The expert in this area will make sure he knows how your goals are performing and whether you are achieving them or not. He has a clear outline of what you can do to meet your goals. You might differ in opinion, but the consultant will make sure he explains his reasoning and listen to what you have to say.

He Is Attentive to Your Needs

To know that you have the right consultant, you will realize that he will be attentive to the needs of your business rather than his experience in the field. He needs to focus on what you ought to achieve rather than what he thinks you need to achieve as per his experience. This sets apart the expert who, instead of adapting to your needs as an organization, goes ahead to impose his needs on the business.

He Understands the Market

The next great sign of an efficient consultant is one that understands the market that you are trading in. He also needs to have experience in this area. You will find many consultants that have exceptional business skills, but getting one that has special skills in your business area will be a bonus to the business.

Such an expert will address the unique concerns that come up in your business and will see the larger picture of your business in the entire industry. A proven track record in the niche is a good way to get the best. You can only be assured of this if you go for a top business consultant in Singapore.

Understands Latest Trends

One other thing to look out for in a consultant is one that is up to date with technological trends that are transforming the market. Although the consultant doesn’t have to be an expert in specific services, he should at least be able to give you the right guidance.

Technology forms a big part of modern day business operations, and working with a consultant who can give insight in this area is very valuable. It helps you remain competitive in a highly changing market.

He Is Reliable

Lastly, you need to make sure the consultant you choose is reliable. He needs to answer all your questions within the shortest time possible.

The Bottom-line

Having a consultant for your business is a plus for you. You get to enjoy expert advice and knowledge from a person who has the right skills and experience. However, you need to take care so that you only work with the right consultant so that you enjoy the benefits.

Corporate Gifts Build Better Business Relationships

Corporate Gifts Build Better Business Relationships

Offering corporate gifts is an essential step for companies and businesses alike. For one, this step helps you establish the relationship between your company and the clients. It tells the clients that you care about them and you value their business. You can give these gifts to employees, long-time clients and of course – prospective customers as well.

Why Give These Gifts?

As previously stated, these gifts help you to build a healthy relationship between the employees, clients, and suppliers. It is a form of appreciation whereby you tell the person that you appreciate the role they play in your success.

Additionally, the gift can also form a significant part of marketing, especially when you give the person customized corporate gifts. You can print a custom logo or words on the gift that depicts the products that you sell or the services that you offer.

Studies Can’t Lie

Studies show that companies that have considered a corporate gift-giving program are highly successful in the market. For instance, if you have a plan whereby you give your consumers these gifts twice every year, you are giving your business the opportunity to expose yourself to the consumers. When you are highly-known, you get targeted by your consumers repeatedly. This means that when they need the products or services, you are offering next time, they won’t hesitate to come to you.

The Process Isn’t Hard at all!

Many companies shy away from this task because they think it is much involving, but the opposite is true. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time on planning for corporate gifts for your clientele or suppliers.

The first step is to come up with a perfect corporate gift that will communicate the theme of your company. You can opt for simple items such as cups, pens and the like. You have various ways to customize these gifts that will suit the needs of and describe the services you offer. All you need to do is to consider the products or services you offer, and then come up with the right symbol that will form the perfect gift.

Once you have the right gift idea, you need to contact the proper company to supply you with custom corporate gifts. There are many out there, but only one of the best corporate gift suppliers makes sure you get the right quality and the best items every time.

Choosing the Right Gift

You don’t want to come up with a gift that the client will throw somewhere on the shelf and forget about it – you need one that will make him remember your products each time. Therefore, choose a gift that the consumer will use each day. For instance, calendars and coffee mugs are great options. You might argue and say that you will give the best customer of the year some money, but remember that monetary gifts aren’t so appealing to many people. It gives them the impression that you are buying their loyalty.

Get To Know Your Clients

One of the ways to mingle and add a personal touch to your business is to host a corporate gift-giving day. Send out invites to your customers and come up with the right venue for the ceremony. Doing this will make them experience the personal touch of your company, and you also get to know them personally.

Final Thoughts

There are different reasons why you need to give corporate clients to clients, suppliers, and employees. It benefits all the parties that are involved in your business, and it most surely improves the relationship you have with these groups of people.

Relocating Business Premises

Relocating Business Premises

Getting prepared well in advance when relocating to new business premises is vital to making a smooth move and settling in faster. Following a basic checklist allows you to make sure you move quickly and efficiently. This helps you reduce the stress that is associated with the move.

4 to 6 months to the Move

This is the period you need to start working on the moving budget. If it allows, try working with a professional mover that will take over the whole process for you. Take time to understand how much the process will cost and factor these costs into a budget. Come up with a budget after you have checked out the location and decided on what you will need for the process.

If you own the premises you are moving from, call a real estate agent to help you put it on the market for rent or sale. Start preparing any permits that you require and know how much insurance you need.

2 to 4 Months to the Move

This is the time you bring in the expert plumber in South London to confirm whether the plumbing connections are in working condition. The plumber visits the new location and assesses the efficiency of the plumbing and installs any missing fixtures. He also repairs the fixtures that aren’t working perfectly.

This is also the time when you arrange for a professional cleaning company to clean the new premises. Come up with new designs for cards and labels and other stationery you require for the new address. Arrange for connection to the internet, phone, electricity and other services you require. Make a list of all the items you need at the new location and begin the purchase.

1 to 2 Months to the Move

Start removing the clutter in your old business. Remove all the unnecessary items so that you make a move easier and faster. De-cluttering also helps you save time and reduce the cost of moving the items that you don’t need at all.

This is the period you start telling your customers and contacts of your wish to move to a new location. Give them the new address. Additionally, you need to get your finances in order and communicate to the bank of your wish to move to the new address. If you have a company website, go ahead and update it.

1 Week in advance

Confirm the availability of the moving company and start getting storage boxes for the day. Arrange for a storage unit as necessary to hold items that you won’t require immediately. Inform your workers on the need to get ready for the move so that they can create backups of their tasks.

Final Words

Follow this guide to the latter, and you won’t have any problem when it comes to moving to a new premise. A smooth transition helps you start working faster, reducing the downtime. You will be able to serve your customers faster and settle in quicker than you expected.

Fashionable Items that will Survive the Next Trend

Fashionable Items that will Survive the Next Trend

For many young women fashion comes as naturally as breathing. For others, it’s more of a challenge. Keeping up with the latest trends seems like a never-ending battle. Just about the time you learn a new trend, it’s going out of fashion and something else is coming in, making it seem like a losing battle.

One good trick when you’re fashionably challenged is to keep an eye towards fashion magazines and advice articles, and to ask your friends the trends they’re seeing. Another trick, however, is to wear something currently trendy that wouldn’t have looked completely out of place five years ago.

How does dressing like you’re from the past help you be fashionable? Trends like leggings, which weren’t super popular five years ago, may not hold their trendiness over time. On the other hand, while a particular brand of purse may not be fashionable next week, you can at least be fairly sure that you won’t look out of place carrying it because purses, in general, are considered fairly fashion-safe.

Here are examples of the types of fashionable items that you can invest in now that will still be okay to wear when the next trend comes along.

1.) Sunglasses

Sunglasses keep harmful UV rays from hurting your eyes, which makes them an important aspect of your wardrobe. Fortunately, they can also be a killer fashion accessory. That’s why more and more people are willing to shell out large quantities of cash for a good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are meant to last a long period of time, and they come in a variety of colors and shapes. One of the great things about sunglasses is that you almost can’t go wrong, and they’ve yet to go out of style. If you want to be fashion forward (for now), boyfriend sunglasses like the ones at http://www.sunglasspicks.com/ray-ban-rb4147-flat-top/ are currently in style.

2.) Jeans

Jeans are comfortable, durable, and multi-purpose. You can wear them to a ball game and, with a change of shoes and shirt, dress them up for a night on the town. They’ve been fashionable for years and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. What may change is the shape of the jeans that’s in style. In the 90s it was trendy to have the waist quite high, and then in the early 2000s severely low-cut jeans were the trend of choice. Feel free to research which jeans are currently in style, but if you get it a little bit wrong, you’ll still be one of many girls in jeans.

3.) Black

If you’ve ever heard that every girl needs a little black dress in her wardrobe, it’s not an exaggeration. Although other colors may go in and out of fashion, black is always in style. There are many reasons why this rule holds true. One is that black is slimming and looks good on most body types. It’s also easy to match bold colors with black, making it an easy-to-use color for staple items like jackets and shoes because you can then pair them with anything.

4.) Leather Jackets

Let’s be real: Leather is cool. It’s durable, it smells nice, and it reminds you of being seventeen years old and slightly into the bad-boy scene. You’re not the only one. Leather jackets are one of those items that never goes out of style. Currently the trend is to wear lighter colored leather jackets, but even a black leather jacket would look perfectly natural.

5.) Natural-looking make-up

Your mother was right when she told you that less is more. Make-up trends change regularly. Sometimes the trend is for bright, popping lipstick while other times the trend is a smoky eye. Instead of trying to keep up, perfect a look that is mostly natural and accentuates your best features. That look should be your baseline and can make you look like you put in the effort even if you make no other make-up choices that day.

6.) Good undergarments

Although your undergarments are not something that people will be seeing on a regular basis, they can make or break the rest of your outfit. Make sure to invest in undergarments that fit well and flatter your body. This will make the rest of your outfit fall over your curves correctly and look right.

Even the most fashion-forward among us can’t always afford to keep up with the latest trends. There’s a reason certain clothes are called staples. By having clothes on hand that always work, you can use current trends to accentuate without having to do a complete wardrobe overhaul every time the fickle tides of fashion turn. The trick is to play to your strengths. If you’re not comfortable with the latest fashion trend, don’t lean into it just to fit in. Instead, stick to your well-honed staples, which will always look classy and on-point.

Various Types of Plastic ID Cards for Your Company

Various Types of Plastic ID Cards for Your Company

Identity documents allow for easy detection of personnel and possible unauthorized people. Furthermore, these come in various ID cards that have different functions. If you would like to utilize ID cards for your business, it helps you to identify different kinds of IDs first, and pick depending on your company’s needs.

Magnetic Stripe

Oh, the standard access-control magnetic stripe card, which has served the people quite well for several decades. Since adding magnetic stripes is inexpensive, this type still has its role. Of course, built-in circuitry and electronics readers are slowly replacing bar codes and these cards. Furthermore, these are less secure than EMV cards, so keep that in mind. However, their advantage comes with their cheap production, so these are great for mass production.

Biodegradable ID

Yes, you read that correctly since biodegradable ID cards are possible to create. One can produce biodegradable plastics with materials such as cornstarch and petroleum. And certainly, there are eco-friendly companies and organizations, thus, using biodegradable material is practical for them. And of course, these are quite similar in function as standard plastic ID cards, but with an ability to degrade when no longer useful.

Ghost Imaging

Certain cards wear from regular use, so some may require additional protection in the form of an overlaminate. It is often clear, while others have specific patterns that offer more security and reduce the wearing of the card. Before you add a laminate, you need to include a ghost image, usually a holder’s picture, which should appear faintly in the card’s background. Of course, this mostly applies to cards that go through constant use.

Photographic ID

Of course, another necessity in identification is a photograph of the owner. Photography ID cards come with a variety of text fonts which display the details of a card issuer or the company, as well as the name of its owner. These may even come with access controls for institutional buildings and rooms. For employee IDs, photographic types are the optimum choice to give out.

Holographic Cards

Holographic ID cards often have a bar code, color shifting inks, PDF symbologies, UV-printing Guilloche patterns, and micro or nano text holoimages. With developing technology, new features of this type of card is quite amazing already. Perhaps in the future, holographic cards may be the mainstream type of ID card.

Multi-functional IDs

It is quite possible to combine various technologies in one card. After all, a single technology usually would not suffice to satisfy the needs of personnel. For example, a photographic ID card can have magnetic stripes for access. Thus, multi-functional IDs exist to mix various archetypes into a single card.

ID Printing Services

There are various ID printing services available for you, either local or online. If you would like the best quality without any hassle, then check https://www.easyidcard.com/. Furthermore, they require no setup fees and has no minimum quantity to purchase. 


ID cards are quite beneficial for your company, particularly for both identification and security. You may choose a lot from different types of ID cards, depending on the characteristics and needs of your business.


Ways to Keep Your Auto Warranty Valid

No one in their right mind would void their car warranty. However, across the world, there are millions of people that worry about what they can do or can’t do to void their all-important warranty. Many actions when the time comes to face the manufacturer. So, what are the most common actions that can void your warranty, whether you are driving a BMW, Benz, Porsche or any of the top luxury vehicles?

What is a Warranty?

Before you understand your role in maintaining a perfect warranty for the vehicle, you have first to know what each warranty entails. When you buy a new car, you get into an agreement with the manufacturer of the car outlining what you need to do to make the warranty valid for a particular duration or a specific number of miles.

Remember, any wrong action you do can void the warranty either in full or in part. For instance, if one of the clauses in the warranty document requires you to change the oil after a given period, you need to do so. Failure to follow this clause and your engine fails – the manufacturer has the right to void the warranty, especially on your engine.

So, what are the most common ways that car owners void their warranty?

Using Wrong Fluids

Many auto manufacturers pump millions of dollars in development and research when coming up with the best fluids to work in particular vehicle models. The funny thing is that a big number of car owners still use other fluids that they believe is best for their cars. Using non-recommended fluids might not offer the right lubrication for, say, your engine and might lead to failure. An analysis by the manufacturer will pinpoint the problem, and if it is discovered that you used the wrong type of oil, your warranty gets voided.

Failure to Keep Records

You should keep all the records for any maintenance job done on your car especially in any facility other than the genuine dealership. At times you buy the car, and you don’t return it to the dealership when there is an issue. It is common to find a car owner servicing the vehicle at a local repair facility or any place they can get a good deal. This is ok, as long as the technician uses OEM equipment and specified materials. So, where does the problem come in? Most people forget to keep a record of these tasks. When you claim warranty, the manufacturer asks you for evidence of the work that was performed on the car. No receipts? Well, no warranty for you.

This is one of the top reasons to go to PMW Ltd for regular maintenance for your car while under warranty. They keep meticulous records for every task they perform, which is one of the requirements for warranty coverage. When you go in for a warranty claim, they merely transfer the records to your manufacturer for processing, eliminating the need to store the receipts.

Neglect of your Car

For instance, if you go months without taking your vehicle for maintenance, you stand to void the warranty on most parts of the car. This is why it is important that you pick up on necessary repairs and fluids as needed to keep your warranty on track.

Forgetting to Read the Manual

The manual from the auto manufacturer details everything that needs to be done and removes any doubt when it comes to the “gray” areas of the warranty. One of the toughest issues that make things thick for car owners is modifications. Different manufacturers handle warranty on changes in a different way. Before you make any modification to your vehicle, make sure you read what the manufacturer says about this and follow it to the latter to avoid voiding your warranty.

Final Thoughts

It takes a lot of effort on your part to maintain a valid warranty through the given duration. Make sure you take the car to a service company that understands what your warranty entails. You also need to keep up with the maintenance schedule and use recommended equipment and spare parts. Finally, follow each aspect of the guide to know what to do and what not to do.


6 Business Ideas In The Transport Sector

It is funny how some people argue that they cannot get a business opportunity whereas there are thousands of ideas that one can tap. Transportation business is of the promising opportunities that you can get some good money if you manage it well and understand the market. If you have a car that just lies in the garage idle, then it is time you wake up and realize how you are wasting your resources. You have to abide by the local regulations and get an operating license and insurance cover. The following are the most profitable transportation business ideas that you can start today.


    1. Taxi service

This business is the most common when it comes to transport services. You can either decide to use a small or medium vehicle for this business depending on the target market. You should maintain your car because customers need a vehicle that guarantees them of safety and convenience. You should park your car in strategic places such as near bus stops, railway stations, outside malls and other social areas. You should also know your locality well even though most drivers now use navigation and Google Maps. You can also join reputable companies such as Uber to compete with other established brands.


    1. Moving business

One of the most stressing bit of migrating from one locality to the next is carrying one’s possessions. You can tap in this gap and start a moving business as people are always on the move. You have to buy special equipment to wrap furniture and fragile goods while on transit. You also need a special team to load and offload the cargo once you reach the destination. You can have several vans to choose from depending on the size of cargo you want to move. You should always compensate your customers when damages occur on their property while on transit.


    1. Limo services

Many people, the rich and the average as well, want a limousine for their wedding. This prestigious car attracts many people, and sometimes people book it advance especially during the festive season. You can as well carry celebrities as they attend various events as most of them love attention. You just have to ensure that you offer your clients unique services to make them choose you over the others. You can either drive it or hire a trustworthy driver who can offer exemplary services. Just ensure that you keep it in good shape and you will never lack customers.


    1. Livestock transport

This business type may not be fit for urban areas but can pick well in a rural setting. Your target market will be ranchers as well as small scale farmers within your region. Some of the most common animals you are likely to transport are goats, cows, horses, and sheep just to mention a few. You have to understand the various laws governing livestock transport in your area. You also need to fit your vehicle with special equipment to make it easy to carry these animals. Ensure that you employ a qualified person to handle the animals and make the ride smooth. Make sure that the owner vaccinates the animals before you start your journey to protect them from illnesses associated with climate change.


    1. Specialty transport

You can also earn handsomely from unusual transport services in your profession. You do not need a lot of clients, but you will receive high pay from the few you get. You can start a business of transporting refrigerators if you understand how they operate. Another good idea is venturing in perishables transport such as vegetables and meat. Time is of the essence or important when it comes to this business because a slight delay can lead to high losses. Other promising ventures in this area are organs and blood transport which also require special fittings.


    1. Car hire

You can hire your car on a contract basis to various clients and earn a decent income. Ensure that you ran a good background check of your customers before releasing your vehicle. You can keep your car in good shape through regular maintenance checkup from a reputable company such as http://www.rowleyautoltd.co.uk/. You can start with one car and expand to a fleet as time goes by. Ensure that you fit your vehicles with a tracking device for security purposes and checking whether customers are still on course for the specified route.

It is quite evident that there are many business opportunities in the transport sector. You should do a thorough market research and then lay a feasible business plan to succeed in this promising market.


A Brief Comparison of Coding Technologies

All product manufacturers have the responsibility of meeting the increased demand for brand protection and product identification. That is one of the reasons they rely on coding technology from their factories throughout the supply chain.

There are several different types of coding technologies, each with its own benefits and challenges. Therefore, when choosing the best option for your industry, you need to consider several aspects like the print quality, industry environment, type of materials, and the speed of the applications involved.

The three big coding technologies include continuous inkjet (CIJ), hot melt technology, and thermal transfer overprinting (TTO).

Coding Technology Comparisons

Continuous Inkjet – CIJ

CIJ, short for continuous inkjet is one of the oldest of inkjet technologies still in use. This process sends a continuous stream of ink at a high velocity via a nozzle, which breaks down the ink into droplets. These droplets are selectively charged, then deflected onto a substrate to print dot matrix characters. Ink droplets left undeflected are recirculated and sent back to the ink tank to be recycled and use later.

Continuous inkjet printers are capable of printing code onto virtually any material, regardless of its size, shape, texture, or porosity. The high velocity at which the ink drops are sent allows for the long distance between the printhead and substrate, which makes it a non-contact printing option. It also allows for high-speed printing.

Solvent ink bases provide a fast-drying solution, making CIJ suitable for coding and marking on a moving production line. Continuous inkjet technology is also accurate, durable, and versatile across many industries.

Hot Melt Inkjet

Hot melt inkjet technology was designed to create an alternative to CIJ. With hot melt inkjet printing, a solid, wax-resin-based ink block melts internally and then the melted ink is expelled via nozzles through a piezoelectric action.

The hot melted ink becomes solid the instant it contacts the substrate. This process Is unlike water-based inks that depend on the evaporation of a solvent to dry used in CIJ. Because the melted ink solidifies quickly, the droplet is easily controlled, resulting in properly formed characters and codes. Hot melt inkjet will adhere to almost any substrate without weeping, like you find in some applications where CIJ and TTO are used.

Hot melt inks are solid at room temperature, which means you can pick them up without any special gear or requirements. There is no spilling because the ink is melted internally and is clean. It’s also considered to be environmentally friendly because it doesn’t require chemical solvents or water.

Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO)

Thermal transfer overprinting replaces older analog technology like hot stampers. It is designed to work exclusively on flexible substrates. The process involves a thermal printhead that transfers ink from a wax-resin mix or resin-only coated ribbon to the material.

There are small resistors designed to heat the print area accurately through a fast on and off action. It is never in contact with the substrate for any length of time that would cause damage to the packaging. TTO is suited to almost all flexible materials like foil, paper labels, and plastic. This printing technology is also able to print on delicate substrates like certain types of shrink wrap.

TTO technology has two modes to work with and depends on how the printhead is moved according to the ribbon and the substrate. This printing technology is suitable for both continuous and intermittent printing applications.

Thermal transfer overprinters are program controlled and customizable for data like time stamps and/or codes for each package. They offer high-resolution, clear printing. New TTO technology uses the minimum of ribbon, which makes it economical.

How to Choose Your Coding Technology

When choosing your ideal coding technology, it’s imperative to know the strengths of each technology and how compatible it will be with your other factory equipment on the line. It’s crucial to match your printer capabilities with your production line communications and that the printer can process the information and print at the speeds you need for your production lines.

If you are unfamiliar with how to choose the proper technologies for your coding processes, refer to experts in industrial inks and inkjet technologies. Manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers often have the knowledge and advice you’ll need.

We recommend Needham Ink – who sells various industrial inks including compatible domino ink.