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That’s Right, 20 Cups!

Having the option the yield about 20 cups of completely cooked rice should make just about any of us happy, but if you’ve recently run into a problem with a rice cooker of your own, it’s even better news. Talking about rice cookers is almost like music to my ears, and I know how strange that must sound. I’ve always been in love with rice, it’s what I’ve eaten ever since I was a child and I wouldn’t have it any other way. With the best rice cookers, come the best reviews, that’s sort of just how things work (naturally). Speed is the name of the game here, and I’m going to tell you why.

Not Your Average Rice Cooker

Average rice cookers are easily over shadowed by the better ones the market can bring to us, but this isn’t one that would fit that bill. 3 Squares really did a great job of producing a sturdy and reliable rice cooker for all of us to enjoy.

Rice Cooker Features

A rice cooker that saves you time will always be worth the amount you’ve got to pay for it, and this rice cooker will finish your rice up to 45% faster than normal. The competition doesn’t stand a chance! It uses Fuzzy Logic 2.0 to go through the cooking process and monitor temperatures, it automatically makes temperature adjustments in order to keep your rice in the best shape possible. The cooking pot is extra thick and built for longevity, while the heating element is relatively powerful; there’s also a useful “smart digital display”. This isn’t a pressure cooker by any means, so keep that in mind; it does come with a steam tray, rice paddle and measuring cup also. It’s the type of rice cooker you would find on, that’s for certain.

What I Enjoyed (Pro’s)

The extra thick cooking pot made sure that no heat was going to escape while my rice cooked, and that’s why it was able to cook 45% faster than normal. The Fuzzy Logic 2.0 thought process that the cooker uses is very important, as I never have to worry about whether the temperature is proper or not. The computer is very intelligent, and that just adds to the fact that it’s one of the longer lasting rice cookers I’ve ever used in the past or present.

What I Didn’t Enjoy (Con’s)

I’m not the pickiest person around, so it’s not hard to believe that con’s are hard to come by in my book. This is a legitimate rice cooker that I enjoyed a lot, the only problem I really had was the lack of a completely glass lid.

To Sum It All Up

This is a wonderful rice cooker that’s going to have you eating for years and years to come – that is, if you choose to eat rice as much as you can (which you should, obviously!).