If you are looking for the best headphones around that not only provides high quality sound, but are also durable, sturdy and easy to carry, the Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones are the perfect solution.

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We live in a world of constant media, and to keep in touch with the latest music and movies wherever you go, you need a solid set of headphones. It really is essential in the modern world. When I search for a set of headphones, I always look for great value for money. A product that is durable and offers great sound quality are the cornerstones of the headphone world.

Quality headphone with top sound quality

Over the years I have purchased dozens of headphone sets, and the first thing I look for is the quality of sound. It doesn’t matter whether the design is cool and trendy as long as the sound quality is loud and clear. I had recently broke my last set of headphones, so I decided to try out the Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones that came highly recommended by a friend and other reviews online.

Bose has become a popular name in the music equipment world, and this model utilizes the latest noise-cancellation technology that blocked out background noise no matter where I was listening to my music. The headphones reduced noise across a wide range of frequencies, culminating in these being some of the best headphones I have ever used.

The headphones were comfortable with their around-the-ear fit, which is ideal if you listen to music over a long time period like I do. After one hour of listening, I usually have sharp pain around my ears, but not with this product.

Listening to music in comfort

These headphones have an innovative design that incorporates an exclusive TriPort acoustic headphone structure with tiny vents in the ear-cups that enable a tonally balanced performance. There is also frequency-responsive active equalization for outstanding sound quality.

When I brought these headphones there were many other accessories included such as an airline adapter, carry case, and 2 audio cables for mic/remote and hands-free, both compatible with iPhones and iPods. The headphones used just a single AAA battery with a playing time of 35 hours on average, which is perfect for long journeys.

The interchangeable audio cables were also a great feature as I routinely break these and all I have to do is change the existing cable instead of purchasing a new set of headphones every time. The flat-fold headphone design, alongside the lightweight carry case ensures you can easily transport this product from one place to the next with minimum storage space.

The Verdict

With the latest noise-cancelling technology you can listen to your tunes without background noise. The product is compatible with a wide range of multimedia devices that include iPhones and iPods, a solid flat-fold design and lightweight carry case, all for an affordable price.

For long journeys or simply sitting at home listening to music, these comfortable headphones are an ideal option.