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Easy to use, compact in stature and lots of flexibility make this one of the best toaster ovens money can buy, with lots of options and choices.

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I am a slave to snack food, I always have been! I recently underwent a harrowing and stressful time as my sandwich making machine of over 15 years finally overloaded due to the strain of too many cheese and baked bean toasties amidst thousands of midnight binges. Fortunately, I was told about the Breville BOV800XL toaster oven, which not only eased my pain, but also introduced me to a brand new savory snack universe.

New-wave toaster oven

Although the Breville BOV800XL toaster oven wasn’t a sandwich machine per say, I quickly realized this product was akin to a mini-oven and grill, which widened my options greatly. As I don’t have the money to buy a real fan or gas oven, this product was a great alternative and the best appliance for cheese on toast and other savory delights.

The reviews online were favorable, so I made the plunge and purchased the appliance and haven’t looked back since. This 1800 watt convection oven comes with a 0.8-cubic-foot non-stick interior, which is easy to keep clean.

The element IQ technology allows you to control the heat, and comes with 9 pre-set functions and a blue backlit LCD that turns orange when you are preheating. With a user-friendly control panel, 5 quartz heating elements and 3 rack positions, I have many options.

Ideal for baking, cooking pizzas, grilling and even broiling, I was surprised by the amount of features on offer. This is the best toaster oven I have tried in recent times.

Convenient and delicious food

To be honest, since I brought this product I have put on a few pounds in weight. The toaster oven comes with a removable crumb tray, a pizza pan, baking pans and even a broil rack, so you have an eclectic range of cooking options.

The product’s sophisticated heating systems ensures even distribution throughout the oven, which makes it very efficient. The smart oven function allows you to choose the best setting for the different dishes you are making, which in essence gives you more control and flexibility. Most similar toaster ovens don’t have these easy to control features, so this is one of the best choices around.

When you broil something, you need high temperatures from above, and this is where the smart oven function activates 1500 Watts of heat. Or alternatively, you might be cooking something that needs heat on the top and bottom, which you can also program. The only drawback is that toaster ovens in general are not as desirable or dynamic as a real oven, but this product is pretty close.

The Verdict

I quickly realized that the Breville BOV800XL is an awesome product, and especially great for those who can’t afford a larger oven. Sturdy, durable and reliable are a few ways to describe this highly recommended product that will simplify meal times.