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Cuisinart is one of the most trusted names in kitchen appliances and the SM-55 is a good example of the quality and reliability that the brand represents. This unit is among the most powerful you’ll find among the many models here at stand mixer discount and offers a wealth of accessories and additional features to round out this total package that brings convenience and efficiency to your kitchen. But if you think this thing is just a standard, every day stand mixer then you need to think again as this unit has a myriad of other capacities to make it one of the most fully functional mixers on the market right now.

The Ultimate Culinary Center

That’s precisely what the SM-55 offers and it all begins with its dynamic 800 watt motor, ready to power every facet of this formidable machine. There are a wealth of attachments available (more on those below) and it comes with three essential accessories to make any culinary job effortless. That high-powered motor drives 12 different speeds for a precision mixing experience, each setting ready to take on whatever the recipe calls for and handle it with ease. A few additional features make mixing and kneading even easier and the SM-55 a better value. The 15-Minute countdown timer with auto shutoff, speed adjust dial, and fold function allow you to fine tune the mixer to just the right setting and walk away from it, knowing the unit will shut itself off exactly when you want.

Full Time Flexibility

As we mentioned before, the SM-55 is compatible with a variety of additional attachments which are sold separately. These helpful extras can turn the unit into more than just a mixer as the SM-55 can also become a juicer, pasta maker, meat grinder, all of which can be connected to the unit through the integrated power outlets. Simply purchase these extra components, plug them into the machine and you’re ready to get even more functionality out of your Ultimate Culinary Center.

The Right Tool for the Job

Even the most casual chef knows that the path to success in the kitchen is achieved with the proper utensils and the SM-55 has you covered in that department. For starters, the mixer is equipped with a tilt-back head that provides unfettered access to the mixing bowl and allows for easy attachment of accessories in mere seconds. Those accessories include a chef’s whisk, a flat mixing paddle and a dough hook, and a splash-guard for the included 5.5 quart stainless steel bowl with handles to keep things clean and tidy without spilling or splashing. The whisk aerates or combines ingredients, the contoured flat mixing paddle is big enough to reach the bottom and sides of the bowl for a thorough mix while the dough hook makes hand kneading obsolete.

Summing Up

All of these great bells and whistles don’t come cheap as the Cuisinart SM-55 runs about $250 at most online retailers. That’s not chickenfeed, to say the least, but you get a whole lot of mixer for that price. What’s great about this unit is that you can combine it with other components to make the rest of your appliances obsolete. Of course not everything here is perfect, it’s a noisier machine than most and it has a short warranty but there are definitely more pros than cons with this Cuisinart.