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Being able to work out on your own time is a great reward for those who have created goals for weight loss or fitness achievements. Finding a way to stay healthy while not creating any hiccups in your schedule can be detrimental to the success of your exercise goals. Thousands of high priced Indoor Ellipticals are flooding the market, and although many of them may be somewhat of great quality, others have shown that you must do your research before spending a thousand dollars on a machine that may work for two months.

Features and Design

The In-Motion Elliptical from Stamina comes in three different colors: Black, Green, and Orange. However, the price is different for each color, with black being the cheapest at approximately $90. It’s compact and is able to be used at home, work, or anywhere else that you find the need to use your elliptical. It is considered to be low-impact to protect your hips, knees, back, and your ankles. There is a small monitor that is electronic and produces the amount of strides, time exercising, and calories burned. The setup is made of steel so it is sturdy and has pedals that are non-slip for safety.

The Pros of this Elliptical Machine

There are many pros to this machine included the fact that it is small and compact enough to be mobile. It is under a hundred dollars which a lot of consumers find is a great price for such an amazing little machine. Consumers who live in small homes or apartments are finding it easier to work out with this machine as it is very small and takes up very little space, even when in operation. There is an option for forward and backwards which gives users the chance to experiment and see how they like going backwards, some machines do not allow this. Because of the size, it is very easy to assemble according to almost every consumer who has purchased this product.

The Cons of this Elliptical Machine

Good reports on a product make more consumers want to purchase it. However, the bad reviews have helped several people save money and time. Many of the bad reviews can be fixed with a little bit of customer service. This elliptical has had a fair share of negative reviews including that it leaves black powder under the rear end after usage. Some consumers have complained that after a few usages, or a few weeks, that the machine stopped working. The pedals are made of plastic so there has been some complaints about them breaking off as well.

The Conclusion

Those who have purchased exercise equipment over the years have noticed that they have become more dependable. This portable elliptical is for those who do not have the space for the full size machines, or those who travel a lot will benefit from having something this small and portable to take with them everywhere they go. It has also been recognized that at under a hundred dollars for this machine, anyone and everyone can afford it.