The unit is portable, easy to use, and sits nicely in your kitchen. When you have used the product for a while, you will wonder how you managed without it before.

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I always wonder how ancient people survived through the hottest summers without having the luxury of ice to cool them down and their drinks. It must have been a difficult time to be born. We then invented fridges, which meant we could make ice easily, but even that wasn’t enough ice to keep us cool and happy. In this day and age we are fortunate to have products such as this EdgeStar Titanium ice make. It’s like all the technological advancements over the past few hundred years have culminating at this point.

Cool down in the summer

I having been living in a hot climate for the past 10 years, and one of the most important factors of living in such a place is having ice cubes available 24/7. Even a cold drink out of the fridge for just 5-minutes already loses its icy edge, so when a friend told me about the EdgeStar Titanium ice maker, I was open to suggestions.

My friend thinks this is the best ice maker he had ever brought, and he was right. This portable unit, with no draining required, produces ice in just 10-minutes. To be precise, it can produce up to 28 pounds of bullet-shaped ice every day and stores up to 2 ½ pounds at any one time.

There is an option to select 3 different ice cube sizes along its soft-touch control panel. Being such a compact unit that makes it ideal for kitchen worktops, break rooms and even caravans and RVs, I thought I would review this classy icemaker.

This stylish ice making dynamo is impressive in appearance, and efficient with it processes. All I had to do was plug it in, fill up the water reservoir and let the machine do its business. My first batch came out just 10-minutes later.

Complimenting your kitchen

This product is attractive in appearance and looks neat and tidy in the kitchen. There are no water lines or drains needed, so it really is a simple machine to install and operate. Producing up to 20 pounds of ice each day, this is the best ice maker for those who want something compact and convenient.

One thing you need to remember is that although this machine is well-insulated, it is not a freezer, so please keep to just making ice. Having so much surplus ice on had was great during the summer when we had many guests coming around for BBQs and garden parties.

The Verdict

I had never really thought about buying an ice maker before because I had a freezer at home. But after using this machine I have come to respect its qualities. The way it seamlessly makes ice all day long is much easier than continually filling up your already-packed freezer unit.