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If you’re looking for a small blender that can pack a punch like its bigger cousins, you can’t do better than the Magic Bullet. Trading on the mantra of “small but mighty”, the Magic Bullet hopes to usurp the traditional blender and become a part of your everyday routine, making dips, chopping nuts, or blending up smoothies. It can easily handle most daily chores, and serves very well for making single serve smoothies and enough dip for a small gathering.

If you need more, simply add the ingredients again and whip it up! The included recipe book details a variety of delicious meals and snacks you can make simply and easily with the Magic Bullet.

Easy to use and clean up, the Magic Bullet is an excellent alternative to a large, clunky blender and can function like a food processor as well as a smoothie maker says Blend Away. Available in stylish green, red, or silver, the Magic Bullet blender will make an attractive addition to your kitchen decor while taking up a very small footprint.


– No buttons, just easy “push” technology
– Easily handles ice, frozen fruits and veggies, and nuts
– Small profile is perfect for everyday use
– Dishwasher safe cups and lids


– Makes small, manageable serving sizes for everyday or single-serve use
– Very small countertop profile
– Easy to use
– Makes a variety of daily items, particularly smoothies and dips
– Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup


– Some potential quality issues
– Small capacity not suitable for larger families
– No options on adjusting speed or intensity
– May need to soften frozen foods and cut anything you wish to blend into smaller pieces before blending


If you’re simply looking for a small smoothie maker that’s easy to use, and comes with lids to go directly from blender to out the door, you can’t do better than the Magic Bullet. You can simply “mix and go” – for those that like to be prepared, you can put the ingredients in the mixing cup the night before, put a lid on it, then in the morning take off the lid, put it on the blender, and be out the door. For some, that convenience is absolutely essential, and the Magic Bullet becomes a part of their daily routine.

For some, a larger machine may be more appropriate, for larger families or for those who like to make a lot at once. However, for those who use their smoothie maker every day and for whom a small amount is more than enough, the Magic Bullet is perfect. It functions as a cross between a smoothie maker and a food processor, and for many people, counter space is precious. Therefore, a machine that does “double duty” is a smart choice.

The Magic Bullet gets a lot of hype, and largely lives up to the name. If your life and habits line up with what this machine is designed for, then you will likely have a lot of success. If not, it might be smart to consider another model. Either way, the Magic Bullet has its place among the arsenal of potential kitchen appliances.