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The MaxiMatic EWM-9008K Elite Cuisine waffle maker is truly the maximum in wonderful waffle making. This is because it is a top of the line waffle maker for all the right reasons. What are these right reasons? They are no other than anything and everything that is associated with the making of delicious waffles. This special waffle maker does indeed have it all. What this fabulous waffle maker allows you to do is prepare waffles from the comfort of home without having to leave home to get some from a diner.

Some of the features

The MaxiMatic Elite Cuisine not only makes waffle making something fun to enjoy from start to finish. It also has a lot of awesome features that does separate it from other Belgian waffle makers that are on the market. It has non-stick grids that make cleanup something very easy to do and take care of overall. It also has the capability to make two extra big and delicious Belgian waffles per every batch. It doesn’t take very long to use this amazing waffle maker and get Belgian waffles cooking in only just minutes time.

Pros And Cons:

The MaxiMatic Elite has a lot of outstanding features that do make it a leading contender for Belgian waffle making. This is because it has nothing but good points about it. What are some of these good points? Some of its best features have been highlighted. However, some of its pros are as follows, and these are no other than a built in thermostat and Power and Ready indicator lights. It also can cook up a batch of fresh waffles in no time flat. The cons of this waffle maker are only those that are listed in the Amazon customer reviews. One customer said that they used the MaxiMatic to make some waffles and that the waffles were cooked in the middle, but not on the edges. Another customer complained of uneven cooking and saying that it didn’t cook well. These cons are from personal customer encounters with the product. Everyone has a right to their opinions when they purchase and use a product.

The Design of this waffle maker is what?

The design of this best rated waffle maker is modern and attractive in appearance. It also does offer compact, upright storage and would fit in great in almost any kitchen environment. Because it is the ideal waffle maker that does seem to blend in, as well as, fit in almost anywhere due to its basic color of black and silver. This waffle maker is unique and that is because it makes the greatest of all Belgian waffles possible.


If you would like to find out more about this waffle maker please do pay a visit to their site to find out more about this very high quality appliance. Everything about it is great from the spot-on appliance that it is right down to its very friendly price.