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If you want a little something different when you work out, then perhaps the Proform hybrid elliptical indoor trainer is for you. An elliptical trainer combines both a step and ski motion to give you a great cardio workout. 


  • Top of Form
  • Bottom of Form
  • Large LCD window, smr silent magnetic resistance, 16 digital resistance levels, soft grips upper-body workout arms
  • 15 inch elliptical stride, target pacer, oversized adjustable pedals, inertia-enhanced flywheel, water bottle holder
  • Transport wheels, EKG grip pulse
  • 350 lb. weight capacity
  • The ProForm hybrid trainer is protected with a 5-year frame warranty and 90-day parts and labor warranty


The Proform looks like a cross between an exercise bike and an elliptical and delivers the benefits of an exercise bike and an elliptical.

This model has upper-body workout arms and over-sized adjustable pedals, to give you an arm and leg workout. As the ProForm elliptical machine is a hybrid trainer it offers total body elliptical training, in order to work every part of your body and make the best use of your time.

With the comfortable, chair-like seat, you can get a convenient cardio workout on an exercise bike. The pedals are completely adjustable in order to accommodate a bike or elliptical position for a custom workout.

The console is also adjustable so that whether you are sitting or standing, you can easily monitor the progress of your workout on the large LCD monitor.

It has an impressive 16 digital resistance levels, you can start out easy and progress to intense. Each level is smooth, frictionless, and silent with its silent magnetic resistance.

This machine also includes a water bottle holder to help you stay hydrated, a tablet holder for your tablet, your ipod and ereader.  It also comes with an RPM meter and dual-grip EKG heart rate monitor.

In spite of its size, this machine is easily moved as it isn’t very heavy, but just beware that it will take up a considerable amount of space.


Low impact, protects your joints.

Dual functioning, it is a bike and elliptical.

It is compatible with all heart rate monitors, so if you have your own personal monitor, you can sync it with this machine.

Can hold 350lbs in weight.  So if you are overweight and want to get fit, you can.


This model is large, so you need to measure your room before purchasing. 

The pedals can start to squeak after a while.

It can take a couple of hours to assemble. 


There is no doubt that Indoor Ellipticals have so much to offer as a workout machine for your home and the Proform Hybrid will take your workout to a whole new level.

As I said before, it is large, so measure your space before you purchase.

This machine is great value for money and you can buy one of these for the same price as some of the high end elliptical machines that do not have the bike function.

It tracks your progress, is comfortable to use and comes with a 5 year frame warranty.  This machine is highly recommended.