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Grass tends to be one of the most annoying things to keep on top of or well maintained and looking great. Not because of the need to cut it, but because after a few days of raining, that same four inch grass has now doubled in height. Having the ideal lawn mower that is easy to use and does the job each and every time is very important. Reviews on lawn mowers are easy to read and inform you to as what issues or strengths that each lawn mower has. You can read more reviews at http://www.gardenplaza.us/best-lawn-mowers/. This review will discuss the E137C battery operated lawn mower offered by RedBack.

Details and Description

The E137C is one of a kind from RedBack that holds a Lithium 40 volt battery. It also includes a powerful performing brushless motor. There is an indicator for the battery level located in an LED screen on the foldable handle. The handle can fold to prepare for easy storage. The cutting width is approximately fifteen inches with five different stages for height. The bag that is included to collect the mulch or grass shavings is a plastic full sack that can be easily removed for dumping. Along with this cordless, battery operated lawn mower comes a 2A charger.

The Pros

Several consumers have raved about the E137C saying that not only was it shipped in a timely fashion but it was easy to set up or put together. Many claim it took less than five to ten minutes to assemble the entire lawn mower. Once using the mower, customers have found that it mows extremely well and the handle is comfortable enough to complete the entire yard. Charging the battery took only an hour and consumers have found that they are happier not having to worry about adding gas or oil, or having to move around an extension cord.

The Cons

Those who have tried the E137C have noticed that not only does it not like to keep a charge while being in use, but it also takes longer than a few hours to fully charge the battery. The cut is okay, if you prefer to have to add in the extra height for the right adjustments, according to consumers. Another issue that consumers have found with this lawn mower is that even with a full charge, the lawn mower seems to cut off with higher grass. They have attempted to clean out the grass and cut, but the same problem continues to occur.

The Conclusion

The size of your yard should always be taken into consideration when searching for the perfect lawn mower. This can be a mower that had a larger gas tank than others or one that has a larger battery that can hold a full charge and still have some left over after the cut is completed. No matter where you live at, if you have a yard with growing grass, chances are a lawn mower is needed.