The best part about the Sleep innovations SureTemp 12-inch memory foam mattress from Fine Dreams is the affordable price. The company sells this product at a reasonable price. When you look for this product on the Internet, you can even find some special deals and discounts.

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Sleep Innovations is considered to be an innovator and leader in the mattress industry. It’s one of the most reliable companies in the memory foam mattress niche. Every product manufactured by the company is the result of complex manufacturing processes and extensive research. The company always aims to manufacture the best ergonomic support and comfort with new materials and designs.

Sleep Innovations 12-inch SureTemp: Two layers, 3lb density with airflow technology is the flagship product of the company. This memory foam mattress features a breakthrough design with an affordable price point. It has attracted numerous customers, and people have appreciated the qualities of this product.


Sleep Innovations SureTemp 12-inch mattress provides you with a medium firm to medium soft feel. This places the mattress in the medium firmness and thickness range. The bed can easily support side sleepers, which seem encased in the bed. With this memory foam mattress, you can enjoy optimum thickness to provide sufficient support to your spine.


According to experts, this mattress is considered to be desirable for both back sleepers and stomach sleepers. With this mattress, you don’t feel like your neck is being pushed up by the mattress. In fact, you enjoy the perfect balance of lower back and neck support. You don’t feel like you’re sleeping on top of a table. In addition to this, the mattress offers a luxurious feel, which you only get in 5-star hotels. It makes sure you sleep well at night.


The top layer of the mattress is about 2.5 inches of memory foam, which provides excellent pressure point relief without trapping heat. With the open memory cell design, you can notice subtle air pressure changes, which push high pressure air to low pressure areas.

The second layer of the mattress is also 2.5 inches. It’s air channel foam with a wide network of air passageways to make sure cool air is properly drawn through the mattress’ edge to areas where temperatures are quite high, like underneath the body.

The last layer of the memory foam mattress is 7 inches thick. It features high quality support foam, which balances comfort, provides exceptional support, keeps the mattress from sagging and reduces pressure. Due to this, you’re able to enjoy good sleep and get relief from back or neck pain.


Sleep Innovations is considered to be the most reliable company for high quality memory foam mattresses. The company uses proprietary technology, which has been designed to provide good night’s sleep. The product is durable and lasts for many years. It is worth mentioning that the Sleep Innovations SureTemp 12-inch memory foam mattress comes with a warranty of 20 years.

According to estimates, the mattress can remain in good condition for about 15 years. The figure is almost 30% more than average memory foam mattresses available in the market. SureTemp can last for twice as long as other mattresses.