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Since their inception, miter saws have over time evolved to be more advanced,  efficient and accurate. They have also gained popularity not only with woodworkers but also with homeowners interested in DIY projects involving cutting tools. As far as precision is concerned, miter saws fit in perfectly. They allow users to work faster and with superior accuracy, to perform compound miter cuts, and to work with bigger bits of material, the multipurpose miter saw is an indispensable tool.

What are miter saws?

For those who might be wondering what miter saws are all about, these are equipment allow you to make perfect cuts at various angles. A blade is mounted on the saw’s swing arm, which can tilt either to the left or right to make the cuts.  Miter saws are used to make cuts for picture and door frames, window casings, moldings and so much more. As with most power apparatus, there are various miter saw models available, and that cover all the necessary requirements you would need them for.

Compound and dual compound miter saws offer woodworkers a superior working experience than the basic miter saws. The devices can perform a variety of tasks, and they’re available in various sizes and features, the operating power and advantages. This makes it picking out the most appropriate miter saw quite cumbersome, thus the need to delve into the compound and dual compound miter saws’ makeup, advantages, and costs.

Compound miter saw features and costs

The compound miter saw is fitted with a sharp blade that turns either vertically or horizontally, thus making angled cuts in twofold planes. This type is in most cases used to make bevel cuts quickly and efficiently. Most brands have a laser guide fitted, to add to its precision, as the laser guide locates the exact cutting point before making the cut. Many compound miter saws have a security feature, whereby the rotating blade is always covered by the blade guard. Thus it does not cut your hands. This automatically retracts once you are done the cutting and unfolds when you resume.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact cost of this type of miter saws, owing to the numerous models available in the market today. However, the more prevalent brands have a value ranging from $150 to $600, so you have quite a variety to choose from. As most compound miter saws are bench top, the sliding compound miter saw is more preferred due to its portability. They are easy to set up and equally easy to operate.

Dual compound miter saw features and costs

As opposed to the compound miter saw, this has an extra feature of moving both to the right and left while making cuts. This feature makes it incredibly easy to cut complex angles like the ones on crown moldings. Hence most people lean towards this type of miter saws. Besides, you do not have to flip the wood over to make the perfect cut. These new saws are no just basic miters: these newly invented saws are fitted with a power head which slides along rails, just like the radial arm saw, only more efficiently. Regarding accuracy, the compound miters have been found to be more accurate than the dual compound miters, which are more expensive (with prices ranging from $400 to $1500) and less flexible.

If you need to cut wood for longer periods of time, your most important target should be a more heavy duty miter saw with more power. It is imperative to read through various models’ specifications to determine which one will best suit your needs.

Before buying any miter, you need to consider the versatility of the machine, a factor which will be determined by whether it is fitted with a cord or not. It would be much less demanding to do your activities anyplace at any time if you are using a cordless miter saw. This additionally lessens the danger of mishaps brought on by tangled or frayed power cords. You need to pick a miter saw with the correct cutting limit, keeping in mind that the bigger the blade is the superior the cutting capacity is. The cutting capacity will also be influenced by the miter saw’s ability to slide. Miter saw blades have standard diameters of around 10 to 12 inches. Thus, should you need to cut larger pieces of wood, buy  a miter saw with a bigger blade for more efficiency and precision.