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Best known for their legacy as a major car company, Toyota is more than just some of the most dependable automobiles on the road today, they manufacture a whole array of additional items some of which you probably weren’t aware they produced. But the STF39 is definitely worth noticing, not just because it’s incredibly easy to operate, contains features that actually help to teach you how to sew, and is affordable for most budgets, but also because it’s one of the most durable and well-made units that we’ve come across by any major brand.  There are loads of other reasons to consider bring a Toyota into your home but there one or two minor drawbacks, which are only liabilities depending on how extensively you expect to use the machine and the types of projects you plan to work on.

The Better You Get, The More Versatile It Can Be

The Toyota STF39 has been programmed with 20 stitch patterns from the most basic to more decorative and dynamic and you can adjust the length and width of the stitch depending upon what is required for the project. With an 800 stitch per minute sewing speed, you can also adjust the speed to better suit your abilities and with one-step buttonhole capabilities and power enough to take on thick and heavy fabrics like leather, suede, and denim, the STF39 is an ideal choice for beginners who are just learning how to sew through the use of a sewing machine and adjust the settings as their proficiency increases. This unit has a throat space of 7.25 inches which is somewhat larger than most conventional machines so it can accommodate those thicker fabrics with ease by allowing a greater area upon which to work. For more info on throat space and how it affects your sewing machine, check out SewingMachine.Today for some other reviews for comparison.

Features and Accessories Galore

As we’ve discussed, the STF39 is tailor-made for consumers who are still feeling their way around a sewing machine. With this in mind, Toyota has equipped this unit with loads of great features like an automatic needle threader, bobbin winder and tension control, and a handful of useful few accessories including three presser feet (zipper, buttonhole and standard ), a needle set, extra bobbins, a seam ripper, and screwdrivers. The basics of any good machine are here as well, with a sewing light that isn’t obscured by hardware or other obstacles that are part of the unit, a convenient free arm for hemming pants and shirt sleeves, and of course, a foot pedal control.

Summing Up

Toyota has made a pretty spiffy little machine with the STF39, with its 20-stitch dial including 1-step buttonhole and decorative stitches, front-load bobbin, auto-needle threader, fully adjustable speed, and free arm capacity. It’s not the lightest machine on the market at 18 pounds,so portability can be a problem. You’re better off leaving this one at home even with the five year warranty on the machine head and two year warranty on the motor, light assembly and speed control.