Relocating Business Premises

Getting prepared well in advance when relocating to new business premises is vital to making a smooth move and settling in faster. Following a basic checklist allows you to make sure you move quickly and efficiently. This helps you reduce the stress that is associated with the move.

4 to 6 months to the Move

This is the period you need to start working on the moving budget. If it allows, try working with a professional mover that will take over the whole process for you. Take time to understand how much the process will cost and factor these costs into a budget. Come up with a budget after you have checked out the location and decided on what you will need for the process.

If you own the premises you are moving from, call a real estate agent to help you put it on the market for rent or sale. Start preparing any permits that you require and know how much insurance you need.

2 to 4 Months to the Move

This is the time you bring in the expert plumber in South London to confirm whether the plumbing connections are in working condition. The plumber visits the new location and assesses the efficiency of the plumbing and installs any missing fixtures. He also repairs the fixtures that aren’t working perfectly.

This is also the time when you arrange for a professional cleaning company to clean the new premises. Come up with new designs for cards and labels and other stationery you require for the new address. Arrange for connection to the internet, phone, electricity and other services you require. Make a list of all the items you need at the new location and begin the purchase.

1 to 2 Months to the Move

Start removing the clutter in your old business. Remove all the unnecessary items so that you make a move easier and faster. De-cluttering also helps you save time and reduce the cost of moving the items that you don’t need at all.

This is the period you start telling your customers and contacts of your wish to move to a new location. Give them the new address. Additionally, you need to get your finances in order and communicate to the bank of your wish to move to the new address. If you have a company website, go ahead and update it.

1 Week in advance

Confirm the availability of the moving company and start getting storage boxes for the day. Arrange for a storage unit as necessary to hold items that you won’t require immediately. Inform your workers on the need to get ready for the move so that they can create backups of their tasks.

Final Words

Follow this guide to the latter, and you won’t have any problem when it comes to moving to a new premise. A smooth transition helps you start working faster, reducing the downtime. You will be able to serve your customers faster and settle in quicker than you expected.