Indeed you want your wedding reception to live up to the hype. But, there’s a problem – you just can’t decide what to go for – a wedding singer or DJ. The truth is, music can break or make your reception. Think of it as the reception’s heart and soul. It is essential, therefore, that you ask yourself some fundamental questions.

You need to figure out the type of entertainment that is in line with your taste and that of your guests. Of course, your budget has to come in to play too as is the space allowance. These tidbits will help you decide what will work best for your reception between a DJ and a singer.

The Music

The choice of music will set the tone for your entire wedding and help solidify a theme. Other than your vows, your guests will most likely remember the entertainment bit of it. Think about who will deliver a musical genre that best reflects your personality while inspiring your guests to join the groove. Do you want a swanky swing or romantic, smooth ballads?

You may choose a DJ if you want to create an electric atmosphere that will get everyone jamming to their favorite tunes. A singer, on the other hand, will make an excellent choice if you want classic songs that will remind you of your courtship days.

The Budget

A DJ will cost you less so you may go that way if you’re on a tight budget. A singer, even though expensive, brings to the fore some versatility into your wedding reception.  Apart from requesting for your favorite songs, you can also join in for a dance together with those in attendance.


A DJ will be perfect if your reception is spacious enough to allow everyone to showcase their best dance moves. Even then, you need to check with the ground’s management to ensure that there are restrictions as to what you can do and the equipment allowed. For instance, a registered landmark may not allow the use of large speakers. A wedding singer will be a good option for limited space.

The Bottom Line

Nothing beats live music during a wedding reception. A good, reputable singer will keep the crowd excited while creating a sense of sophistication. An experienced singer will also double up as a master of ceremony at your reception, interacting with your guests on the dance floor. He or she will pay attention the mood and know what to sing to keep the fun going.

A DJ will play a dozen of songs you’ve been dying to hear at your reception. Besides, a charismatic DJ with top-notch emceeing skills can really make the party fun-filled. While the choice to hire a wedding singer or DJ is personal, you’re better off with a person who can do both. That way, you’ll have a taste of both worlds. Visit to view the services of a well-rounded wedding singer in the UK who will also get it going on the decks. Get the party started the right way!