The beginnings of social media started out as a way to connect with friends and family, no matter where they are. It started out with a limited couple of platforms that everyone was using. Now it has transformed into something that no one would have envisioned that it could have ever become. There are loads of different types of social media platforms that have all different types of users on them. It is the basis for an industry that is all its own and it is a unique industry that a lot of companies are getting involved in.

There are a ton of people on social media platforms that are known as influencers. A social media influencer is a new age celebrity. They are people who have gain notoriety purely through their social media and the interaction that they have with their fans and followers. Every social media influencer has their own niche or an industry in which they are active and their followers look to them for the latest news and current happenings within that given industry. These influencers are active on the major social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
These influencers are able to establish entire careers that are centered around their social media and it all depends on the number of followers that they have. The more followers that an influencer has, the more reach that they have with the skills and products they are looking to highlight. For example, they can gain followers through generic means and some of them can even obtain Instagram tools followers as well. Tools are something that they use to help to jump-start the gaining of followers because when someone has a lot of followers others will be interested in what it is that they are doing to gain those followers.

One of the most popular platforms is Instagram. There are some influencers who have millions of followers and this following has gained them sponsorship from major brands in a wide range of different industries.

• Huda Katta is a beauty blogger and makeup artist who has gained some real success from Instagram. She has over 24 million followers and she has even created her own makeup line. She got a huge boost to her makeup career when she released a line of eyelashes that was worn by Kim Kardashian West. The success started with her use of social media to get her name out there in the world of makeup and beauty.

• Chiara Ferragni is another major social media influencer. She is a fashionista and fashion blogger who has over 11 million followers on Instagram. She has since become a Guess model and even got to collaborate with Steve Madden on a wonderful line of shoes. She has also become an ambassador for brands like Pantene and Mattel.
These influencers now have careers that are based on their followers on social media. They base their lives on running their social media and staying current within their given industries. They have to maintain that influence in order to maintain the career they have created for themselves.

There is no way that the people who created the first social media site in 1997, Six Degrees, would have been able to know what social media would become. It has become something that is a defining characteristic of our time and its something that has become household names. People check their social media all the time and they are usually members of various platforms at the same time. Even the major influencers are spreading their reach to other platforms. Huda Katta has 2.2 million YouTube followers and Chiara Ferragni has 1.2 million followers on FaceBook and their use of multiple platforms increases their reach exponentially.