Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all living in the digital age of information where everything is available at our fingertips. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and everything in between allow people to access what they are looking for in an instant. This makes it all the more necessary for businesses to have a serious online presence that their return customers, and prospective customers, can use to their benefit. Every business owner knows that marketing, including internet marketing, is necessary for a successful business but a website does so much more than market. Aside from marketing, a business’ website provides more than just a great way to get your business out there and known to customers, both old and new, it allows customers to decide. Customers can, and will, chose a business to shop with just based on the experience they have investigating and exploring the website.

•     Consistency- A website for your business provides a regular, constant location where your business can always be found. Customers know that, no matter what, they can find your business at that site whenever they need it.

•     Cost effective- A physical storefront can be a very expensive investment. A storefront can bring about surprise costs such as employee payroll, utilities, and keeping it stocked with product. Regardless of how much money the business makes, there are certain bills and overhead costs that a store will always accrue. The beauty of a website is that none of this is a factor. The minimal cost of a website, and its’ maintenance, is far more advantageous to a business owner without all of the peripheral costs that just aren’t a factor for a website.

•     Convenience- A website is far more convenient for your customers than a store ever could be. Customers know they can shop your business products and services online when it suits them. They don’t have to worry about hours of operation and whether or not they have the time to get there. For many shoppers, a 9-5 store just isn’t conducive to their lifestyles. Customers can shop and access your business at their convenience and leisure, which always pleases the customer.

•      24/7/365- A website is functional all the time. It makes it possible for an owner to make money when they are asleep. That is pretty awesome in it of itself. An owner can wake up to new customer orders and they didn’t even have to be there. This also allows the customer to not worry about a time of day, season, or planning on when they are going to shop, it is always there waiting for them and ready to serve their needs.

•      Credibility- A website allows a business to advertise their credibility. Many online shoppers rely on various product reviews and customer feedback when they are shopping for different products and services. A website gives your business a place to highlight the positive feedback customers provide and a place for old customers to show prospective customers the benefits of your business. Your customers can do some of the marketing for you.

•      Reflection of your business- The website of a business is a direct reflection of the business itself. When a business has a creative website, that is easy to navigate, understand, and use, it shows the thought and care that went into that website. It shows that the owners of that business care about how their business is seen by anyone who looks at their website.

A business website is so much more than a marketing tool, it provides a full circle reflection of your business from top to bottom. Your website is a customer hub for everything that your customers need and everything that prospective customers use to investigate whether or not to shop with you. The first step in a great website is finding a company to help you create that great website. WebFireThemes is a great place to start for a website that is unique and easily functional for even the most unsavvy internet user. A businesses website needs to suit your business and WebFireThemes does a great job of finding themes and website constructions that suit your business and all its’ needs.