Whether you have never camped before, not camped since you were a child, or are a seasoned camper, a camping holiday is a great way to get away from it all. However, like with so many things in life, preparation is key. Do not expect to just pack up the car, and go. Even a seasoned camper plans and prepares so follow our tips and enjoy a successful camping holiday.

Buy a Tent That is Just Right.

Whilst you don’t need a palace, you should ensure that your tent has enough space. Not only do you need sleeping space for each person, but you also need room for all your kit. If you are not sure what tent you need, check out TentsAndCampGear.com where you can find reviews and advice on not only tents but also camping gear.

If you are not walking, but driving to your campsite, you will not be so constrained by the weight of your tent and your equipment. However, there is a happy medium between having a tent that is spacious enough for people and kit, and one that is so big that you actually can’t put it up.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Always have a trial run and put up your tent in the garden before you go away. Even if it is not a new tent but one that you use regularly. You won’t know if there is any damage or anything missing until you put it up. It is better to find out these things in the comfort of your own garden than in the rain in front of an audience.

Plan and Prepare.

A little planning will make your holiday easier, both before and during your actual trip. Here are some of our tips to help you plan your trip and prepare beforehand.

  • Don’t go too far the first time. For your first trip, look for somewhere quite close to home. Then you won’t have far to go if you need to return home. If you already have somewhere planned, do a trial run over a weekend and stay close to home.
  • Search for a campsite that has the facilities you want in an area you would like to visit.Are you looking for adults only or sites that take dogs? Check out the onsite facilities. You will be amazed at how luxurious some sites are. Check out the activities available in the local area as you won’t want to stay at the campsite all the time.
  • Check the availability and book in advance, especially during peak times. Ensure you are aware of the check-in times as campsites have these too.
  • Work out your travel plan. Don’t arrive bad-tempered as you have been stuck in peak traffic.
  • Make a list of your camping gear. Once you have a list, keep it updated for when you camp again.
  • Make a list of your cooking and eating equipment.
  • Make a list of meals you will prepare in advance. Again, keep this updated with which meals were a roaring success and those that weren’t.
  • Write down your menus for your holiday. Try planning days as opposed to meals. Then you can scale your plan up or down depending on the duration of your trip.
  • Make a shopping list of food and drink.
  • Make a packing list of clothes and outdoor clothing you will need.


You Don’t Need to Rough It.

Unless you want to! Whilst you may be getting back to nature, you don’t need to forsake all conveniences. A warm and comfy bed is a must. Lack of sleep leads to bad tempers which will quickly ruin a holiday. Invest in a blow-up mattress if you don’t already have one, and comfortable sleeping bags. Add a liner too, cotton for a warm climate or fleece if it may get cold. Then if it is really warm at night, you can just sleep in the liner. Don’t forget a pillow. Or at the very least a pillowcase that you can stuff with fleeces.

Always take at least a couple of lights or torches as light is one thing you should never be without. Have a mix of solar charged lanterns and battery lanterns and then you should be covered for every eventuality.

Eat Well.

Just because you won’t be cooking in a fitted kitchen, you don’t need to live on junk or eat out. There are many great meals that you can cook in one pot. Cook meals in advance and freeze them. They will keep your cool box cool and should be easy to heat up on a grill, once defrosted.

Leave Technology Behind.

Or if you can’t leave it behind, at least take some games too. The last thing you want on your ‘get away from it all’ holiday, is for everyone to still be glued to their smartphone or tablet. Take a portable, charged, external battery and even a solar charger, in case you need a phone for emergencies but take other games to play. Even adults only can have fun playing cards and board games. Take bats and balls and you have a variety of games you can play. Plan games you might do, in advance, like a treasure hunt.

A camping holiday can be the best holiday you ever had. It is cheaper than staying in a hotel or a resort and much more fun. You will be more active on your camping holiday and are sure to enjoy the great outdoors. By planning and preparing carefully, you can be sure of an enjoyable holiday. And it won’t be your last camping holiday.