By the time your child is 2, he is able to experience a wide range of emotions. At this age, he is just developing cognitive skills and is struggling to make sense of all the feelings he is experiencing. Coupled with the limited attention span, choosing the perfect toys for this kid becomes a nightmare of sorts.

At this age, the kid is just beginning to learn about independence, and any accomplishments he makes become a source of great joy. Whenever he accomplishes a task, for instance riding a bike, he will be proud of it, but the opposite is true. At this age, you are looking to develop different skills in these little ones. You want to develop dexterity skills, emotional, education, imagination, language, locomotion, and social skills. Let us look at the top toys from that you need to consider at this age.

Ride-on Toys

This is one of the all-time favorites for kids of this age. These toys represent a great way for the kid to dispense off some of the energy that has built in his body. You can choose a ride-on toy from the different kinds available including pushing or pedaling toys.

Kids will incorporate these toys into their make-believe playtime. Using these toys, your kid will improve his balance and coordination. Depending on the confidence of your kid, you can get three-wheeled push scooters for him.

When choosing the right kind of wheeled toy, make sure you get one with a low center of gravity to decrease the risk of tipping. You also need a toy that is adjustable to the height of the child. Additionally, get one with a higher weight capacity to allow your kids to ride on for several years.

Puzzle Them Up!

Colored squares, animals, letters, trucks and whatever your kid is into. The colors and shapes provide for the visual stimulation your kid needs at this age. These can come in form of puzzles to make the kid become imaginative. The puzzles might come with sounds to stimulate their auditory senses as well.

Bouncy Balls

Ball games form one of the best ways to encourage your kids to throw, catch, kick and bounce. Your kid will learn how to react when you throw a ball at them, either catch it or kick it. This helps them learn about coordination, an important part of growing up.

With regular play, your kid will start throwing or kicking the ball at you, or catch it when you throw it at him and hugging it to his chest. Balls make for an interactive game that you also take part. You can come up with makeshift goal posts in the yard and teach your kid how to kick the ball between the posts.

Let the Music Begin

Think percussive instruments. At this age, music will inspire clapping, dancing, shouting, hopping and even spinning. Why don’t you add to this fun by adding some toy musical instruments to the mix? You can try a tambourine, rhythm stick or a drum and see what your kid loves. You will soon notice the kid trying to copy the beat.

Give them the Power to Build

This is the right time to introduce the little ones to building blocks which snap together. You can start with large blocks which come together and get pulled apart easily. Such toys are ideal for improving hand-eye coordination, also honing their problem-solving skills as he tries to decipher what fits and what doesn’t.

Household Toys

You can get toys for a domestic play that are small in size. You ought to get toy versions of common household items such as pots, pans, dishes and more. Your kid can learn to host his own party, and your little girl can invite the dolls as guests.

Time to Go DIY

You can give your kid a toy tool set to use for imaginary DY projects. These tools help build on gross and fine motor skills, as well as hand to eye coordination. This is the time for the kid to role-play and get creative.

In Closing

The right toy for a 2-year-old is supposed to improve the skills he is already building on. Make sure you choose the right toy to make him acquire these skills faster.