Various Types of Plastic ID Cards for Your Company

Identity documents allow for easy detection of personnel and possible unauthorized people. Furthermore, these come in various ID cards that have different functions. If you would like to utilize ID cards for your business, it helps you to identify different kinds of IDs first, and pick depending on your company’s needs.

Magnetic Stripe

Oh, the standard access-control magnetic stripe card, which has served the people quite well for several decades. Since adding magnetic stripes is inexpensive, this type still has its role. Of course, built-in circuitry and electronics readers are slowly replacing bar codes and these cards. Furthermore, these are less secure than EMV cards, so keep that in mind. However, their advantage comes with their cheap production, so these are great for mass production.

Biodegradable ID

Yes, you read that correctly since biodegradable ID cards are possible to create. One can produce biodegradable plastics with materials such as cornstarch and petroleum. And certainly, there are eco-friendly companies and organizations, thus, using biodegradable material is practical for them. And of course, these are quite similar in function as standard plastic ID cards, but with an ability to degrade when no longer useful.

Ghost Imaging

Certain cards wear from regular use, so some may require additional protection in the form of an overlaminate. It is often clear, while others have specific patterns that offer more security and reduce the wearing of the card. Before you add a laminate, you need to include a ghost image, usually a holder’s picture, which should appear faintly in the card’s background. Of course, this mostly applies to cards that go through constant use.

Photographic ID

Of course, another necessity in identification is a photograph of the owner. Photography ID cards come with a variety of text fonts which display the details of a card issuer or the company, as well as the name of its owner. These may even come with access controls for institutional buildings and rooms. For employee IDs, photographic types are the optimum choice to give out.

Holographic Cards

Holographic ID cards often have a bar code, color shifting inks, PDF symbologies, UV-printing Guilloche patterns, and micro or nano text holoimages. With developing technology, new features of this type of card is quite amazing already. Perhaps in the future, holographic cards may be the mainstream type of ID card.

Multi-functional IDs

It is quite possible to combine various technologies in one card. After all, a single technology usually would not suffice to satisfy the needs of personnel. For example, a photographic ID card can have magnetic stripes for access. Thus, multi-functional IDs exist to mix various archetypes into a single card.

ID Printing Services

There are various ID printing services available for you, either local or online. If you would like the best quality without any hassle, then check Furthermore, they require no setup fees and has no minimum quantity to purchase. 


ID cards are quite beneficial for your company, particularly for both identification and security. You may choose a lot from different types of ID cards, depending on the characteristics and needs of your business.