No one in their right mind would void their car warranty. However, across the world, there are millions of people that worry about what they can do or can’t do to void their all-important warranty. Many actions when the time comes to face the manufacturer. So, what are the most common actions that can void your warranty, whether you are driving a BMW, Benz, Porsche or any of the top luxury vehicles?

What is a Warranty?

Before you understand your role in maintaining a perfect warranty for the vehicle, you have first to know what each warranty entails. When you buy a new car, you get into an agreement with the manufacturer of the car outlining what you need to do to make the warranty valid for a particular duration or a specific number of miles.

Remember, any wrong action you do can void the warranty either in full or in part. For instance, if one of the clauses in the warranty document requires you to change the oil after a given period, you need to do so. Failure to follow this clause and your engine fails – the manufacturer has the right to void the warranty, especially on your engine.

So, what are the most common ways that car owners void their warranty?

Using Wrong Fluids

Many auto manufacturers pump millions of dollars in development and research when coming up with the best fluids to work in particular vehicle models. The funny thing is that a big number of car owners still use other fluids that they believe is best for their cars. Using non-recommended fluids might not offer the right lubrication for, say, your engine and might lead to failure. An analysis by the manufacturer will pinpoint the problem, and if it is discovered that you used the wrong type of oil, your warranty gets voided.

Failure to Keep Records

You should keep all the records for any maintenance job done on your car especially in any facility other than the genuine dealership. At times you buy the car, and you don’t return it to the dealership when there is an issue. It is common to find a car owner servicing the vehicle at a local repair facility or any place they can get a good deal. This is ok, as long as the technician uses OEM equipment and specified materials. So, where does the problem come in? Most people forget to keep a record of these tasks. When you claim warranty, the manufacturer asks you for evidence of the work that was performed on the car. No receipts? Well, no warranty for you.

This is one of the top reasons to go to PMW Ltd for regular maintenance for your car while under warranty. They keep meticulous records for every task they perform, which is one of the requirements for warranty coverage. When you go in for a warranty claim, they merely transfer the records to your manufacturer for processing, eliminating the need to store the receipts.

Neglect of your Car

For instance, if you go months without taking your vehicle for maintenance, you stand to void the warranty on most parts of the car. This is why it is important that you pick up on necessary repairs and fluids as needed to keep your warranty on track.

Forgetting to Read the Manual

The manual from the auto manufacturer details everything that needs to be done and removes any doubt when it comes to the “gray” areas of the warranty. One of the toughest issues that make things thick for car owners is modifications. Different manufacturers handle warranty on changes in a different way. Before you make any modification to your vehicle, make sure you read what the manufacturer says about this and follow it to the latter to avoid voiding your warranty.

Final Thoughts

It takes a lot of effort on your part to maintain a valid warranty through the given duration. Make sure you take the car to a service company that understands what your warranty entails. You also need to keep up with the maintenance schedule and use recommended equipment and spare parts. Finally, follow each aspect of the guide to know what to do and what not to do.