Many people deal with back and neck pain on a daily basis, but they can’t avoid the fact that they still need to work. You might be suffering, but you need to pay the bills and save some money.

When undergoing treatment, you need to be careful so that you don’t aggravate the pain more than what is necessary.

Working with an acute or chronic back condition that is made worse by profession is less helpful. If the back pain is not reducing in any way, then your career is contributing to it. With this fact in mind, we look at some of the best careers you need to explore if you are suffering from back pain.


The beauty of being a photographer is that you control your schedule. You can choose to take your work to the studio or on location, or both. The job doesn’t strain your back the way others do, and you can take a rest when you feel your back isn’t comfortable.

You get periods of activity and inactivity throughout the day, which means your muscles, can rest whenever you need them to.


Blogs, websites, media companies and other businesses are usually in need of content for their sites, the great advantage of these jobs is that you can do them at home. If you like writing and sticking to your own working time, then content writing might be just the job for you. However, you need to take care because it involves too much sitting. Perform routine stretches and take frequent breaks to keep the spine from staying in one position for too long.

Compliance Officer

This job involves walking from one place to another to confirm whether businesses are complying with set regulations. This job takes you to many industries, and since it involves periods of standing, sitting and walking, you don’t put a lot of strain on your back at all.

Administrative Assistant

There is a lot of information that has been floated around that talks about sitting too long at a desk and how detrimental it is to your back. But if you have the right ergonomic chair and a proper workstation configuration, then you don’t have an issue with this at all. Take frequent stretching breaks, use ergonomic furniture and learn how to work safely in the office can help you enjoy this job.

The administrative assistant post usually requires that you move from one office t the next collecting information, delivering tasks and many other tasks. So, it involves sitting and standing as well as walking around. This reduces the strain on your back and makes your muscles stronger. If you experience neck pain, you can use air cervical traction devices recommended by Free Your Spine to manage the pain.


One of the recommended postures for most people in the office is standing. In videography, you stand a lot, and this helps maintain the normal spinal curve that reduces strain on specific parts of the back. As a videographer, you aren’t limited to one position when working; you need to move from point to point to get new perspectives and to get the best shots.

This movement makes it possible to reduce the strain on the back and to keep the spine healthy.

However, since any job presents a problem for the back, we encourage you to go for preventive and safety measures at all times. In addition to this, avoid sitting too long for the health of your spine, or bearing a lot of weight that can strain the muscles in the back.

Final Words

Make sure you understand your working environment so that you keep your back safe. Remember that low back pain causes poor performance at work.