Which Are The Best Memory Foam Mattresses

When it comes to selecting the best memory foam mattresses the majority of the prospective customers find it an uphill task. Should I go for the cheaper or the fairly priced mattress? Does the density really matter or its marketing hype? What guarantee should I expect from the manufacturer? These are basically some issues the consumer needs to contend with. Truth is memory foam mattresses greatly improve the comfort and quality of sleep. Nonetheless, they are not all the same. To find the best product in the market it is vital to think about the following factors:


A good memory foam mattress offers maximum comfort and satisfaction. This is achieved through use of quality materials and effective designs. In order to sleep well, a person must first be relaxed and comfortable. The mattress should properly support the body and also distribute the weight evenly. The material also allows free circulation of air and retention of heat. These are some of the traits that make a foam mattress comfortable.


Many people ignore or overlook density when choosing a foam mattress. Some believe that density doesn’t really affect foam mattresses while others think it is a marketing gimmick. But the truth is that density determines the quality of sleep as well as the longevity of the mattress. Foam mattresses usually come in low, medium, and high density. High density is the best option as it consists of more layers of memory foam. This molds to the body properly and also retain the warmth/heat well.


The best memory foam mattresses are manufactured from top-notch material. Memory foam is the material that is used to make the mattress. It is viscoelastic and sensitive to temperature and enables the mattress to become softer in high temperature and takes the shape of the body. However, it comes as either neutral or regular. Regular foam is made from synthetic which can at times emit chemical odors. Natural foam is the better option as it contains no chemical additives and has minimal scents.


Compared to other types of mattresses, foam memory mattresses are a bit costly. This is credited to its many benefits such as comfort, ergonomic, pain relief, and peaceful sleep. To enjoy the many benefits and receive maximum satisfaction, it is ideal to go for top brands like Sleep Innovations or Lucid. These mattresses last for a longer period of time and still maintain their density and comfort even after continuous use. Quality products are backed with a manufacturer warranty that spans for as many as 20 years.


Although we discussed many things we haven’t spoken about the thickness of the mattress so this is another factor you want to take into consideration. As a general rule, the thicker the mattress, the better you sleep so if you have trouble sleeping go for at least a fourteen-inch model.

Another item we left untouched are the toppers that are available, there are models with a gel infused layer that make your sleeping experience all the better, and if you are on a strict budget I saw some toppers-only at Foam Nights that offer exactly that, comfort at a total bargain that is.


Now are really taking off steam as you want me to recommend some of the best memory foam mattresses. Yes, no surprise, I saw this coming so hopefully I won’t disappoint you. Personally, I bought the 14-inch model from Sleep Innovations that I mentioned earlier as one of the top brands in this buyers guide. Previously we had the model from Lucid but we started to feel the wear and tear after a couple of years so now we hope that this one will last a bit longer. Yes, we’re cheapskates and as you know those mattresses don’t come cheap so a minimum of five years is what we at least expect and that wasn’t truly the case with Lucid’s model.

If you are looking for a more affordable model then I would take a look at the 12-inch gel foam mattress from Classic Brands which costs almost thrice as less, or the natural organic one from Oliver Smith looks like a solid model as well which is medium firm and comes with a cooling gel, which makes it ideal for hot climates. Well, here’s it’s cold as can be so we definitely don’t need a gel that cools.


The role of sleep in our lives can’t be taken lightly. In fact, to lead a happier and healthier life, people are advised to sleep for the recommended time which is 8 hours for adults. Unfortunately, many people don’t get to enjoy their sleep. Actually, many people go through problems when intending to sleep. The mattress may be too rigid, it may be stuffy, emits unfriendly chemical odors, or loses its density within a short time. Considering the above tips not only helps you find the best memory foam mattresses but also ensures the issues mentioned above are dealt with.