Made from the stalk of a flax plant the production of Linen is a laborious and time-consuming process. Over 8000 years old, it is the oldest textile in the world. It is also the strongest natural fiber. Would you believe it that as it is good for allergies and soothing skin conditions, this fiber was favored by the Egyptians because of these health benefits. Nowadays, it is viewed as a high commodity and considered luxury item by many people.

Why is it often confused with cotton?

Most people confuse linen and cotton. They are quite similar but have a different look and feel. The properties are quite different also with cotton being soft and the other tending to be stiffer, durable and roughly 30% stronger than cotton. It also has a lower thread count than cotton. However, this lower thread count is not an indication of lower quality, as mentioned before these products are a sought after item. As a matter of fact, because of the pieces of cotton easier labor production process, it is normally half the price of its cousin.

The common types of products are found at home

There are many types of products with this material that have for uses. It is commonly used to make bedding towels and tablecloths, thus it is often found in the home. However, it is great to add your celebration or event.

Of course, every event will have tables. Adding table linen will add a sophisticated look. At many events, there may be not enough seats or on the other hand, there may be seats but at a party, people do not want to sit down. That is why poseur tables are perfect for party celebrations. Poseur tables offer guests the chance to mingle while standing and catch up while having a high table to place their food or drink. These tables show social awareness and with an added linen table cover it will enhance glamour at your event.

Napkins are a tradition accepted in every continent. They were used by the Romans to show wealth. You can add etiquette and decorum to your event by the use of linen napkins.

You cannot have tables without some chairs. It would look strange to have beautiful table covers on your tables only to be accompanied by a naked and basic chair. That is why it is important to have chair covers as accessories at your event. The uniformed appearance will increase the attractiveness of the chair and with chair covers using this luxury fiber, it will help to create a classy feel for your special occasion.

You can add some color for maximum effect

All of these products are very well suited to special occasions and add the finishing touch. You can use primary colors to make a dramatic impression and make your event even more beautiful. By picking vivid bold colors or softer colors to compliment the theme of your event the colors can be used separately or in a combination. Both of these approaches are very effective in optimizing appearance for your special occasion.

It is a better choice to hire instead of buying 

Hiring linen instead of buying has lots of advantages. It is more cost-effective. There is no point buying these expensive products if you are only going to have a one-off event or few times a year. It is better to hire off a company as they will not only provide quality goods but they will deliver and clean them after the event is finished. Washing this material can be tricky as it needs to be washed at the correct temperature. If not washed correctly they can shrink or become damaged. After washing, they need to be ironed. This, of course, is another time-consuming process. It would be much better to receive your freshly laundered items in perfect condition because if they are laundered incorrectly it can be costly to repair or replace. Most of these companies manufacture, launder and deliver for hire. They offer Linen Hire | Table cloth Hire | Coloured Linen Hire | Chair Cover Hire. Thus they are experts when it comes to this fabric. This is another reason why it is much better to hire from a company and receive professional and knowledgeable guidance from them on how to optimize the use of these products and colors for your special occasion. Most companies will have vast experience supplying you for large or small events such as weddings, corporate events and parties.