It’s the big day, you’re getting married and it’s all so beautiful. You’re surrounded by people who love you, your closest friends and family. Everyone is getting along, everything is going great, and your special night is perfect. But when the next day rolls around, what do you have left to remember it by? Wedding photos are one of the most important parts of a great wedding because they are what you look back on when you want to remember how wonderful everything was that day. But you can’t just pay some shmuck with a camera to photograph the event, it’s important to hire a professional wedding photographer who will be able to really capture the magic of each moment.

Differences Between a Professional Wedding Photographer and a Friend With a Camera

Wedding Photographers can be rather expensive, so many people wonder why they can’t just let their friend who took photography classes in community college take over. Although you pay a premium for a professional photographer, there’s a reason why so many people still believe it’s worth it.

    1. Expertise

      A Professional photographer knows how to make things happen quickly and effectively. They know what it takes to get a great photo. When a friend tries to gather everyone for a group photo, it’s like herding cats, but a professional isn’t afraid to do what it takes to make the process quick and painless for everyone.

    1. Quality Venues

      These pros know how to deal with different lightings, angles, and venues. You can rent out a boat, head to the mountains, or even get married on a plane. No matter where you are, a professional will know how to get the perfect photos for your Wedding Album. Check out yesterday spaces for a great example of an amazing venue for a wedding and the high-quality photos you can expect from a professional.

    1. High-Quality Equipment

      Professional Wedding Photographers carry around equipment that runs upwards of thousands of dollars. This provides higher quality photos, better adjustments to different lightings, and most importantly, a backup camera. A friend would likely just bring one camera. If that camera ends up taking a hard fall right before you say your vows, you’ve just lost your chance of having wedding photos.

    1. Professional Demeanor

      A Professional photographer is just that, a professional. This means that, where a friend might be grabbing a few drinks and getting distracted by conversations, a wedding photographer is focused and ready to capture any wonderful moments that occur.

    1. They Know the Flow

      Wedding photographers attend hundreds of weddings. They probably have a better understanding of the process than anyone else involved. This is good for you because it means that they already know where to be for what special moments. With a professional, when something big is going on, you’ll never have to be looking over your shoulder to make sure they’re there to catch it.

How Can a Wedding Photographer Improve Your Experience?

    • No Worries

      You never have to make sure they’re not distracted. You won’t have to keep them away from the liquor. You don’t even have to worry if the lighting in the venue is bad, they’ll know how to deal with it. They simply give you less to worry about.

    • No Bossing Anyone Around

      They’re there when you need them. They already know what photos to take. If they know the plan for the day, you can be sure that they’ll be around for all the important picture moments.

    • Photos of all the big moments, without having to plan it

      These pros already know when they need to be ready for important pictures. You’ll never have to gather everyone around and wait for a lens cap to come off, they’re ready to capture these moments as they happen, and it’ll turn out even better than if it was planned.

As you plan your wedding, remember to book a quality professional photographer so that you’ll have quality photos of every magical moment on your special day. Years from now, as you reminisce over your album of wonderful wedding photos, you’ll be very glad that you hired a professional.